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Straight 2 The Bank (part. 2)
Smile (I'm Leavin') (exclusive)
Mama Africa (new exclusive Akon's single remix)
So Serious (exclusive)
Part Time Lover (exclusive)
What Do You Got (exclusive)
Infrared (exclusive)
We On Some Shit (exclusive)
I Got Hoes
WW III Freestyle (exclusive)
I Get Money (exclusive remix)
I Get Money (1, 2, 3 exclusive remix)
Don't Want To Talk About It (exclusive)
Follow My Lead
Don't Turn The Lights Off
Coke Life (exclusive)
Billions (exclusive)
Ayo Tecnology (bonus)
Ayo Technology (Timbaland remix exclusive)
That Girl
Thanks A Lot
My Name Ring Bells
My Heart
I Wanna Be Your Favorite
I'm Rising To The Top
Don't Stop 50's Music
Cruising Music
Before I Let Go




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